The Importance of Good Leadership in the Workplace

March 17th, 2017

Good leadership is a direct correlation to the success of a company


Today?s post is by?Jericia?Stevens, Account Manager at?SafeSourcing?Inc.

Good leadership is?a?direct?correlation?to?the?success?of a company, because of this?good leadership?cannot be overlooked or over emphasized. Leadership is the substance that makes all other?elements come together. Great leaders know the?importance of being in tune with the needs and issues concerning the business as well as his/or employees.

As a leader of an organization or business, it is also important to stay abreast of new developments in leadership theories and methods?in order to maximize?effectiveness.

Rebecca Hourston stated it best, ?The substance of what you do?the result you deliver?is pretty fundamental in today’s economy. But working on the?way?that you do it is what will launch you into a different sphere of success altogether?even if you already count yourself as pretty successful.?

An effective leader trains others to become leaders. A good indicator of your ability to lead is how well the company operates in the mist of his/her absence.?A company should not falter in the absence of its leader; it should operate business as usual.

An important thing to remember is leaders and leadership styles may need to change at times to accommodate the changes within the business or organization. For example, when new people are hired and join your team; when a leader is promoted or moved to another department.

Leadership also effects productivity. ?A good leader knows the strength of their team and knows?how to delegate task efficiently, resulting in increase in work productivity.

Also, good leadership can improve employee morale and make workers more loyal to the company.

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