Make Time for eProcurement

July 20th, 2017

I know... we're all very busy.


Today?s post is by Dave Wenig, Director of Sales, North America?at SafeSourcing

Reducing spend is important. It’s actually among the most important and impactful methods to improve your?company’s bottom line. In most industries, you’ll be hard pressed to generate the same effect through any other means. New stores, new accounts, improved processes, and more all have merit. The fact is, reducing spend while maintaining quality?can create?a?one-to-one?savings to bottom line improvement opportunity. Where else?are you getting?results like that?

So, reducing spend is a top priority. But,?is it the most urgent priority??Right now??Chances are you have something going on that cannot wait. Maybe you have a fire that needs to be put out before you can tackle the job of reducing the cost of the floor tile for your upcoming new stores. Maybe that’s a literal fire that needs to be put out. It happens.

At the end of the day though, we have to make time to focus on reducing?our spend. One way to handle this is to improve efficiency by working with a partner, such as SafeSourcing, to increase the number of eProcurement projects that you complete in a given time period. Let somebody work on your behalf by delegating responsibly. Then, instead of one project per month, you can easily achieve three. Your input will still be required, but your time commitment will be?greatly?reduced.

So put out that fire and let us focus on the details so you can realize the savings.?For more information, please contact?SafeSourcing.

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