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July 28th, 2017

If you spend a lot of time creating or editing Microsoft Word documents


Today’s post is by Troy Lowe; Vice President of Development at SafeSourcing.

If you spend a lot of time creating or editing Microsoft Word documents, you could save some time and be more efficient by learning some of the built in shortcuts.  The shortcuts can be accessed by key strokes or utilizing the mouse.  The keyboard shortcuts are used by clicking a key or a combination of keys and mouse shortcuts can be accessed by certain types of clicks using the left mouse button.  The most common used shortcuts by users today are the “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V”.  These two shortcuts allow you to copy and paste selected text within a document or other open documents.  Although these are the most common there are many more powerful shortcuts available.  For example, if you have multiple Word documents to open you can press “Ctrl+F6” to cycle through all of your open Word documents.  To cycle through the open documents, press and hold the “Ctrl” key and press and release the “F6” key.When the desired document is reached, release the “Ctrl” key to select the document.  Memorizing the available keyboard shortcuts will make you more efficient because you don’t have to remove your hand from the keyboard to use the mouse.  Below are some other shortcuts that I often use.


➢ Ctrl+A – Selects all contents of the document

➢ Ctrl+B – Bolds highlighted selection

➢ Ctrl+F – Opens the find box

➢ Ctrl+I – Italicize highlighted selection

➢ Ctrl+P – Opens Print window

➢ Ctrl+S – Saves current document

➢ Ctrl+U – Underlines highlighted selection

➢ Ctrl+X – Cuts the highlighted selection

➢ Ctrl+Z – Undo last action

➢ Ctrl+End – Moves cursor to the end of the document

➢ Ctrl+Home – Moves cursor to the beginning of the document

➢ Shift+F7 – Runs a Thesaurus check on the selected word

➢ Shift+Alt+D – Insert Current Date

➢ Shift+Alt+T – Insert Current Time


➢ Click, hold and drag – Selects all of the text from the start to the point you let go

➢ Double Click – Double clicking on a word will highlight the entire word

➢ Triple Click – Triple clicking on a word will highlight the entire paragraph

➢ Ctrl+Mouse Wheel – Zooms in and out of the document

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