How do you source that?

August 23rd, 2017

A sourcing strategy for any category


Today?s post is by Dave Wenig, Director of Sales, North America?at SafeSourcing.

?How do I source this category???We?field?this?question?often. It?s very common?to find?that a client?selects a category, but it not entirely sure how to go about sourcing that category. Sometimes, the category is complex. Other times?it?s a relatively simple category that just hasn?t been sourced in some time.

What makes sourcing challenging is the unknown. If you haven?t sourced a particular category in several years, you might not have a very well documented specification. You might also not know who the players are in that space or what market factors are influencing the price of the category. When sourcing a highly complex category, you?may?not know all of the different components that will need to be outlined clearly to prospective suppliers.

SafeSourcing has the experience to?guide our clients through the unknown to develop successful eProcurement projects.?SafeSourcing clients have access to?a vast library of specification templates?to help develop your specifications. We have a comprehensive?supplier database with over 427,000 suppliers to identify the right vendors to include in your eProcurement?RFx?Event. Perhaps most significant is SafeSourcing?s category experience. We understand that you might only source each category annually or every few years, but we source that category all the time for our clients.

Because SafeSourcing understands the market, the vendors, and the specifications, we are uniquely positioned to help answer the question: ?how do I source this category??

For more information, please contact?SafeSourcing.??

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