Winter Parking Lot Maintenance

September 29th, 2017

Is your parking lot ready for the winter season??


Today?s post is by Troy Lowe; Vice President of Development at?SafeSourcing.

It?s hard to believe but winter is just around the corner and with it comes the harsh conditions that can deteriorate your parking lot and driveways. ?All of the harsh conditions such as rain, snow, ice and the chemical used to melt these conditions can take a toll on a poorly maintained area. ?Make sure to keep the area clean. ?This means removing any materials such as leaves, planting materials, rocks and gravel. ?These types of materials can hold in moisture and may help cause early corrosion. ?If there are any areas that contain chemicals such as oil, gas, or other liquids, make sure and use the proper cleaner to remove the stains. ?Leaving these types of?petroleum?stains?can damage the area even if they are seal?coated. ?Once the seal coating is damaged, water may be able to seep in through small cracks which will weaken the area?and?allow larger cracks to form. ?If you do find that you already have small cracks while cleaning, then repair the cracks before further damage occurs. ?Not repairing cracks will eventually lead to the development of pot holes which will be?lead to?more costly problems. ?Once cleaned and repaired?make sure that it is seal coated. ?This should be done about every two to three years to help protect the asphalt from surface water, sun and harsh chemicals.??Below are some tips for keeping your parking lot well?maintained.

??Routinely Inspect

??Keep it Clean

??Keep it Sealed

??Remove all Chemical Stains

??Look for Bad Drainage Areas

??Fill Cracks?and Pot Holes

If you need help finding a licensed maintenance company?to maintain your parking lot, feel free to contact?SafeSourcing. ? We can gather all the necessary information for you and help you decide which company meets your needs. ?If you would like more information on how?SafeSourcing?can help you, please contact a?SafeSourcing?Customer Service representative. ?We have an entire team ready to assist you today.


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