The Importance of Having a Positive Attitude

October 23rd, 2017

A positive attitude can take you to another level.


Today’s Post is by Eli Razov, SafeSourcing Account Manager.

A positive attitude can take you to another level. In many aspects of life, the mindset of success will bring those results to you. There are many ways to define success. Is it the car you drive or maybe your title? Maybe it is a little simpler than that. What about the small things we overlook or take for granted? Everyone has their own struggles and day-to-day battles. Maybe you have more than you can handle at work or school is starting to take its toll. Perhaps you play in a competitive sport and the big day is upon you. Or maybe you just cannot relax at home because everyday pressures haunt you.

Negative thoughts breed negative feelings and that can turn to a negative attitude. Those around you can see and feel that attitude or possibly read those feelings. From there it’s transference of negativity which can sabotage even the smallest of encounters. In business and sales, it is said to always smile even when you are on the phone, it can be heard in your tone. When you greet an old friend or a stranger for the first time, always smile because that will have a long lasting effect. But what happens when all of the negativity weighs you down so much you cannot bare it anymore and you simply cannot fake the smile?

While the term easier said than done may be applicable to anything in life, in most experiences that is just negativity rearing its ugly head. So start by trying the thing that sounded so hard or felt impossible. Break the stride of the impossible. How you ask? Know that you can do it. Easier said than done right? No it is that simple. While this isn’t a cure-all, maybe this will help you on your way. Everything we do on a daily basis is a new experience, even if you have had the same job for 30 years and you have been typing the same reports or pressing the same buttons the entire time. There are always outside contributors to the outcome of daily life. So how does the positive attitude work? As simple as it sounds, apply it to these everyday tasks. The simple tasks no matter how menial, know you will succeed. After a while of knowing and seeing your success you will begin to apply it to larger tasks. Maybe you are having a bad morning, spilled your coffee on your shirt or someone cut you off in traffic. Do not let that affect your demeanor. Take your two minutes of inner dialogue and vent. Now focus on your tasks. What do you have next? Simple or tough as it may be you cannot avoid it. So visualize what it will feel like when it is complete …the feeling of success. Feels pretty good right? Keep that mindset the whole time. You worked hard for this and you are ready. This will give you confidence and people will sense that. With that mindset and confidence you have already won half the battle, now comes the easy part. Just do it!

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