All we Want for Christmas?

December 21st, 2017

As thoughts turn to Christmas and what Santa might bring us


Today?s post is by?Robert Rice, Account Manager?at SafeSourcing.

As thoughts turn to?Christmas and?what Santa might bring us, my Christmas letter asks for something a little bigger.

On behalf of?SafeSourcing I have worked with vendors and clients?during the year,?and?here are some?things I?d like to see Procurement deliver to all of us this festive season.

?Dear Procurement, all we want for Christmas is?

Let?s get?clients talking?to us?again.?You can?t sit back and think clients are chomping at the bit to call us.?So let?s have a chat. Things change quickly and you might be surprised about what we can do for you now.?With a new year upon us, it is a perfect time to talk about your upcoming procurement challenges and areas where you see savings.?And, while we?re on the subject?

Let?s?bring?back a new level?of interest for vendors.?Start the?New Year?by contacting those vendors?(email survey)?who have participated in more than two or three events. Access their level of interest in participating in future events and/or find out ways we can improve our process.

Say what you mean.?Request for Quote?documents are often hard to interpret, and?the specifications can lack important detail.?With better?instructions and better details, any vendor with a bit of common sense will be able to bid?more?confidently. That?s good for everyone.

Provide a timetable that has a?response period that?s fair and reasonable.?We run a pretty tight ship these days; our?staff is?stretched and it can be difficult to keep up with complex?requirements and?decreasing deadlines. Pressing?us for time because you?re late to respond, only means you get rushed and submit sub-par results.?On the other hand?

Don?t issue a timetable only to?issue?a last-minute extension just before the deadline.?This unfairly disadvantages (and discourages) the?vendors?that are prepared, and have made?it a priority to respond to our request.

Please?Client, answer our questions.?We don?t ask many, but often, we don?t get meaningful answers (or any answers). Giving us better?data?will mean better proposals for you to evaluate.?And finally?

If you give us a service or supply to run, mean it!?We have a hard working dedicated team that loves working on your projects. We pride ourselves in getting back to you the necessary data for you to approve?to run an?event. But please, let?s not waste either of our time.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and?a successful and prosperous 2018.

Robert?or any member of the experienced team at?SafeSourcing?would be happy to discuss?how SafeSourcing can help?you?with?your eProcurement planning.?For more information, please contact?SafeSourcing.??

We look forward to your comments.

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