Getting Back

May 21st, 2020

Many places are reopening, but what does that mean?


Today’s blog is by Margaret Stewart, Director of HR and Administration at SafeSourcing Inc.

Many places and businesses are beginning to reopen after closures from the Covid-19 pandemic. From retailers and salons, to gyms and daycares, many people are planning on getting back, but what does that really mean? The concern over the virus is still present, so in order to even open doors, numerous precautions must be taken.

First, employees must be given masks. There has and still is a shortage of masks that effectively protect people from the virus. There must be enough masks for every employee, which means any business will need to have a supply already. Right now, you can use your procurement partner for help in sourcing the masks you will need to get your business on its way to reopening.

Next, the places where employees are working must be cleaned, thoroughly and often. This means common areas must be disinfected. This likely means a hefty supply of sanitizer and cleaners will be needed and must be available before reopening. Again, your procurement partner can help you source the supplies you need and help find the right supplier for your needs.

Finally, getting back to work will require social distancing. For many, this is especially difficult. For example, restaurants will need to move tables apart, often 6 feet or more, which can reduce the number of tables that can fit in a dining area. This can reduce the number of people seated at a time and can greatly reduce the amount of business. Other businesses will have to make other adjustments, like separating cubicles, reorganizing stores to make aisles wider, and reducing the number of employees in the business at one time. Some businesses may bypass the social distancing altogether and have their employees continue working from home indefinitely.

While it may take some preparation and getting used to, businesses will reopen and things will get back to regular routines. This is where you may rely on others to get through this. A procurement partner, like SafeSourcing, can help your organization find the suppliers of supplies you will need to get things back up and running. They are ready to help and have the experience you might need during difficult times like this.

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