COVID Keepers

February 19th, 2021

We are all looking forward to the day when we can resume our normal activities..


Today’s post is written by Ivy Ray, Senior Procurement Specialist at SafeSourcing Inc.

We are all looking forward to the day when we can resume our normal activities, post COVID style. We will be able to congregate with one another soon, but it will be a new normal. There are some improvements and innovations that were born out of this tragedy that should remain. This has been true throughout the decades.

During the Great Depression, the electric washing machine was in its infancy and many people could not afford to own one, so a couple of entrepreneurs got together and invested in buying a few of them to rent out; thus, the birth of the laundromat. Shelf stable food products such as Spam and macaroni and cheese in a box were created out of necessity, during the Great Depression and WWII. People needed products that were inexpensive, could be prepared quickly.

Due to our current situation, nearly every industry has had to rethink how they are operating and how to stay relevant.  Brick-and-mortar retailers have developed a stronger online presence. Restaurants which were traditionally known to only provide dine-in services have had to find a better way to serve their community by offering take-out service and partnering with delivery services such as Uber Eats and DoorDash. Some restaurants also had to upgrade their POS system to accommodate tracking orders and deliveries.

Technology, in general, has become more valuable because to do business, you need to have a way to connect to your market and to your employees via remote methods. Buy online and pickup in store, also known as BOPIS, was available in some areas but has gained popularity during the COVID crisis. Grocery stores are offering curb-side pick-up and delivery services. Behind the scenes, there are several layers of technology required to maintain this type of operation. Not to mention added security to protect the buyer from fraud and theft.

In the education arena, from K-12 to college, students are learning remotely, and educators are learning to navigate delivery of their curriculum in a virtual world. Unfortunately, snow days are collateral damage.  As a result, when we go back, there is no going back to business as usual. The supply chain has been reimagined and there are some things worth keeping. Make new friends but keep the old!

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