Holiday Shipping! How does Santa do it?

December 8th, 2021

The (Saint) Nick of Time. Share this with your kids!


Today’s post is from our December Newsletter written monthly by Gayl M Southard VP of Administration at SafeSourcing Inc.

According to Santa’s Elf Grumpy, many people want to know how Santa makes it around the world in just 24 hours. Some speculate it’s a government conspiracy, its Santa’s magic dust, perhaps Santa rides the magic of Christmas, could it be the theory of Santa-Relativity, the Naughty/Nice Matter/Anti-Matter, time bending, or time warping. There’s only one slight problem, Grumpy can’t tell you how Santa does it. (And he’s not even being grumpy about it!)

Have you heard of time zones? Well, Santa uses them to cheat — on time! He takes advantage of the Earth’s time zones! He starts by delivering presents at the International Date Line and travels west following the Earth’s rotation around the sun. By doing that he gains many, many extra hours of time. Children are actually waking up and opening presents while Santa is still delivering! Did you know that, if you live in the U.S., today is already tomorrow in Australia? Likewise, when Santa is in Australia, it is already yesterday in the U.S. This is a handy trick to know when you’re Santa Claus! So now you know the secrets to Santa delivering presents! And now you know how fast Santa can travel. You even know how Santa gets around the world in one night! Just please don’t tell everyone. I don’t want people appearing and disappearing all over the place like they were Santa Claus delivering all the presents!

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Bob Tita, WSJ, 10/28/2021

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