Is the Weather Affecting Your Moods?

December 17th, 2021

Winter is here the days are shorter than ever!


Today’s post is by Troy Lowe; Vice President of Development at SafeSourcing.

Now that winter is here the days are shorter than ever.  It seems like it gets dark way too early, and you don’t have time to go out and enjoy the positive effects of the sun.  Around this time of the year some people start to suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  SAD is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons.  For most people that suffer from SAD it is usually triggered in the fall and continues through the winter months.  The symptoms often resolve themselves during the spring and summer months.  Some studies have shown that it is more prevalent among young adults and women.  People that are experiencing SAD may have a wide range of symptoms, but the most common ones are a sense of fatigue, oversleeping, recurring low moods and strong craving for carbohydrates.  SAD can be serious and affect your day-to-day life if the symptoms become sever enough.  It may prevent you from doing the things that you normally do like going places, engaging with friends and family and other normal activities that you would normally pursue.  Because one of the main causes is lack of sunlight, one way to help you deal with this is to seek out more exposure to natural light.  One way to do this is through light therapy.  Light therapy can be done by using a light therapy box which mimics outdoor light.  It is usually done once a day shortly after waking up.  Below are other ways to help coping with less daylight.

  • Maintain sleep schedule
  • Spend time outdoors during daylight
  • Stay active
  • Do outdoor winter activities
  • Socialize more often
  • Exercise more
  • Enjoy a nice fire in a fireplace or fire pit

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