Can Aggregation be your friend during these times?

August 12th, 2022

We have customers that do this regularly and would be glad to have you join!


Today’s post is from Ron Southard CEO at SafeSourcing Inc.

Aggregation is a process whereby a number of a firm’s smaller projects are combined and treated as an individual project. The main purpose of aggregation is to ensure accurate reporting and compliance with regulations regarding the permitted levels of provisional limits for a single commodity.  Aggregation is also a total made up of different parts from various sources.

The SafeSourcing Inc Collaborative Aggregation Philosophy supports the thought that disparate buying groups can on occasion work together successfully as a loosely coupled purchasing organization in order to combine volumes for better pricing consideration by suppliers. Often the specifications for these events need to be very similar in nature such as office supplies or other similar categories. Separate shipping charges and other terms and conditions may apply to each participant. Participants must support single supplier award in order to ensure the success of collaborative aggregation events to ensure that suppliers honor their prices.

We have recently seen a lot of activity in this area with dramatic savings for spends of all different sizes. Some categories have even achieved savings of over 30%. That’s 30% better than what you negotiate.We mapped these savings and are seeing some retailers with as few as 20 stores paying less than some very large customers who ran these categories during the last two years.

The markets are ripe! If you would like to learn more about how our customers and suppliers collaborate and aggregate to work together, please contact SafeSourcing.



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