If it could kill you don?t use it. BPA!

December 14th, 2009

When in the course of human events the evidence is so overwhelming in favor of something everyone tends to piles on.

I was reading an article in the Health and Science section of the Arizona Republic on Sunday and the title intrigued me. Avoid BPA, safety chief advises.

As you all know this author has posted on BPA a number of times. What continues to frustrate me is that when the rest of the world has already made decisions about a chemical that is unsafe; the most advanced country in the world still can not come out and take an official position that does the same thing. The thing is that the leader of the organization that is studying BPA or Bisphenol A made the statement that people should avoid ingesting the chemical and that ?There are plenty of reasonable alternatives?. Linda Birnbaum is Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Toxicology Program.

As we all know, the FDA ignored studies that found BPA caused harm and is late in completing its new determination originally scheduled for November 30th. Japan has stopped using the product and Canada has declared it toxic and not allowed for use in baby bottles. Come on FDA, let?s get it done.

For sourcing professionals we should be asking all of our suppliers whether or not they are still using BPA in their metal food and beverage cans and containers, when they will eliminate it and not buy products that contain it from suppliers until they have an alternative.

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