What?ll ya have? Oh, I dunno, give me some recalled eggs over easy and some of that BPA stuff.

November 9th, 2010

Our food safety situation just doesn?t seem to be improving. No sooner does one recall (eggs) end than another (eggs again) starts and the government has still not figured out how to stop using BPA.

Maybe we all need to be nine feet tall and have three eyes and four ears in order for the government to get up to speed and take food safety more seriously, or execute more effectively.

I was reading a local news paper on Sunday and found an article titled Study: ?Quantifiable levels of Bisphenol A found in food by Ervin Brown of the Los Angeles Times. The article went on to say that last week a study was announced that was conducted by a research team that measured 105 foods from grocery stores in the Dallas area. In this research they detected quantifiable levels of BPA in sixty three of them. The products named were those of major brands.

Today I was browsing the internet and came across an item titled Eggs in Texas recalled after salmonella found at Ohio farm by Associated Press and www.khou.com. Didn?t we just have this problem a couple of months ago?

As they say on ESPN, COME ON MAN!

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