What are we in for at the Grocery Store and other venues for the holidays and beyond?

December 8th, 2022

It looks like the shelves could be bare.


Today’s post is by Ronald D. Southard, CEO at SafeSourcing Inc

I live in Arizona. Yes, we have great weather beginning right around now until well into next year. Resultingly, we have a lot of visitors come to the valley during these times, which includes many holidays like Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and others I am probably forgetting. Add to that the NCAA Football Semi Final Fiesta Bowl, The Super Bowl, The Waste Management Phoenix Open and any number of car auctions including the popular Barret-Jackson Car Show. So, you guessed it, our population explodes during what we call The Season.

This puts stress on all our businesses and for many it is their best time of the year if they have product to sell. Let’s hope that the demand can be fulfilled. That may be a challenge based on the following article. So, plan. Well ahead!

In a story title All the Food Shortages Coming to Grocery Stores Soon, Experts Predict by Kali Coleman at Best Life. From toilet paper to cleaning supplies, shoppers were rocked by major shortages in 2020 as a result of the pandemic and everything that came with it. But even as the COVID situation has improved, supply chain issues have continued, some with major consequences. Now, many experts are warning that we should prepare ourselves for several food shortages in the not-too-distant future. Read on to find out what you might not be able to find at your local grocery store.

Based on my observations and the above article it seems though both consumers and suppliers will have the plan intelligently by looking at alternatives, replacement products and recipes in order to please their customers. And both should plan on spending more too.

So, how do you find alternate sources of supply if you are a retailer? Contact SafeSourcing Inc. our SafeSourceIt™ Global Supplier Database includes over 557,000 vendor/suppliers and we work with them all the time.

For more information, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Services Associate.


  1. Best Life, Kali Coleman
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