Getting Started!

March 30th, 2012

When faced with any new process or task, one is often faced with some variation of the question; ?where do I start??

Today?s post is by David Wenig; Manager ? Customer Services at SafeSourcing.

Whether the person in question is a young boy facing a daunting chore such as cleaning his room or a seasoned professional tasked with new project, the question is the same. So, where should you start?

For anyone tasked with the implementation of a new eProcurement process or project, I would offer that need not reinvent the wheel. Instead, use your partner as your guide during these early stages and throughout your entire partnership. You have selected them for various reasons including their experience, so work to leverage that experience for your own benefit to launch your process or project.

As with any daunting task, the best place to start is creating a plan. The boy in his room may decide to clean his toy cars before his blocks. (Of course, this depends on how much space is available under the bed.) Likewise, a procurement leader ought to set out a similar plan as well.

During this planning phase, look to your eProcurement partner for specific examples, templates and suggestions in this early planning phase. Their past experiences sourcing specific categories will undoubtedly give you guidance and insight that you will adopt for your own purposes. You will soon find yourself far beyond the feeling of ?where do I start?? The next question you will ask is ?why didn?t I start sooner??

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