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May 12th, 2008

I?m sure like me; many of you have been impacted by safety inconsistencies in our supply chain. Personally I have had issues like this impact me, members of my family and my pets.

We will drive best practice implementation of safe e-procurement events through the use of our low cost and in some cases free tools designed specifically for procurement professionals. These tools include:

A) A free Interactive Procurement Focused Website
B) The daily blog
C) Daily safety alerts from the FDA, USDA, and other safety and quality focused organizations
D) A Sourcing Wiki with 100?s of procurement terms that you can add to or comment on
E) Source Book – A first of its kind professional social network for procurement professionals where you can lead or participate in conversations with other procurement professionals.

In addition, we offer SafeSourceIt a North American Retail focused 95,000 supplier database. This database is not only the largest of its kind, but the only database to focus on safety certifications and the eco policies of it?s suppliers to ensure you are sourcing as safely as possible. Finally, we also offer the SafesourceIt next generation Reverse Auction tool that has speed to event and simplicity of use as its founding guidelines enabling you to source more products, more quickly at a relatively low price.

We hope you visit with us daily, as this site was created for you the procurement professional. Your interest, ideas and comments will help to drive our future offerings.

Ron Southard

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