Is our nation?s food safety system a risk to public health? Let?s look at Bisphenol.

March 17th, 2009

The U.S. Congress is finally going to ban BPA. It only took us a year after Canada did the same.

The U.S. Congress is finally going to ban BPA. It only took us a year after Canada did the same.

Our president says our nation?s food safety system is at risk. Is Bisphenol an example of something that required our attention long before now?

On March 13th both the house and senate introduced legislation to ban bisphenol A in all food and beverage containers. Even better news is that Sunoco indicated that it will effuse to sell BPA to companies for use in food and water containers for children under three. The question here is what comes first the chicken or the egg. With the number of lobbyists that Sunoco has in Washington, they certainly were aware of the fact that legislation was going to be introduced.

Studies continue to indicate that this product is extremely harmful. It is this author?s belief that BPA should be banned in all products period. There is just no good reason for use by a product of this nature in any food related product. BPA has been tied to obesity, diabetes, breast cancer, testicular cancer, hyperactivity and reproductive failure.

As major manufacturers such as Gerber and others step up and discontinue using BPA in the making of baby bottles, it is time for all manufacturers to follow suite.

What questions does your e-negotiation supplier ask when sourcing private label bottled water, or other beverages or food products on your behalf relative BPA.

If you would like to learn more about this product please visit our blog post from November 9th of last year ?Re-Examining bispnenol A BPA in North America?

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