AHA moments in product and food safety are just fine.

March 23rd, 2009

Kellogg CEO proposes food-safety reform plan.

Kellogg CEO proposes food-safety reform plan.

One would hope that the announcement by Kellogg CEO David MacKay was not an AHA moment. However, if it was that?s ok if it causes authorities, companies and other leaders to work together to solve the crisis in food and product safety that is rampant in this country and around the globe today. MacKay told Congress (who always listen to the big guys) that Kellogg?s wants food safety placed under a new leader in the Health and Human Services department. We hope that this direction is not just because Kellogg lost Seventy Million Dollars as a result of the recent salmonella outbreak where they had to recall seven million cases of peanut butter crackers and cookies. If that is the case it?s just fine.

Another pressure point that may be leading companies such as Kellogg to refocus on this problem is the fact that our new President who is enjoying rock star status around the world has also made this a focal point of his new administration. Last week President Obama launched a special review of food safety programs that are in many cases decades old and not under the umbrella of a single government organization.

It is this authors hope that other CEO?s seize the opportunity to make this issue a focal point of their company versus a me too effort that does not get the necessary amount of attention inside most companies. In this case AHA moments are a good thing and piling on only helps to solve a problem.

Safesourcing Inc. has reached out to our congressional leaders to play any part we can in assisting with this process through the use of our tools, database and best practices in sourcing safer products around the world.

Please do your part, and as always we look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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