How can retailers go about staying focused on green initiatives when sourcing bulk hotel stays with e-negotiation tools?

March 30th, 2009

Do your partners really care?

Recently in an article in Continental Magazine titled A GREEN NIGHTS SLEEP,author Neil Weilheimer posits Eco-friendly hotels offer travelers a variety of ways to love the Earth. In the article a spokeswoman for quotes their survey where twenty six (26) percent of consumers indicated they planned to be more green conscious during the next year. Thirty four (34) percent indicated they would even be willing to pay more for it.

First it is important that a retailer set their own environmental guidelines, after all we are planning on paying our own programs forward to suppliers that support similar initiatives right? If a retailer follows best practices in the e-procurement process and during the discovery process follows a hotel stays template created with the environment in mind, they can do just that. In the same article, according to Patty Griffin, founder and president of the Green Hotels Association there are steps a consumer can take, and like wise so can a retailer.

Ask the hotels you are considering about their policies and practices. As an example:

1. Does the hotel use energy star approved appliances and televisions.
2. Are rooms cooled by ceiling fans to limit air conditioning usage?
3. What about their linens and towels, are they made of organic cotton?

Additionally you can check prospective hotels websites to see if they list other green initiatives that you can discuss with them further.

This author believes that it is not that difficult. Focus on your company?s social conscience and include that in your discovery. Then pay it forward based on more than just price.

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