Why does this author post? Please enjoy this short lighthearted poem as to why.

June 1st, 2009

I choose to post simply because I can

I choose to post simply because I can
My wife seems to think it?s because I?m a concerned and caring man

So why or when to post just what is my deal
It could simply be that I just had a bad meal
A meal from a food source that was not really safe
That sickened me some
And just could not be traced
It?s origin cloudy I really get ticked
That many more people could possibly get sick
So I post a few comments on product safety and more
In hopes that my comments are part of the cure
Whether near shoring or off shoring or from local suppliers too
I offer opinions hoping they?re helpful to you
It?s time ours sources of supply start to get the game right
And that will only happen if buyers make the process tight
With adherence to certifications and timely inspections
That are clearly executed against consistent directions
While we?re at it?s important to do and say what we mean
And while we tighten up our processes
Let?s try to keep them focused on green.
With a supply chain that?s safer
A greener to boot
My next posts can discuss how to do both while still saving you some loot.

As always, we look forward to and appreciate your comments. There is no need for them to be poetic in nature.

Ron Southard

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