Part II of ?I?d like to share a winning idea for energy efficiency and a resulting reduction in green house gases.?

June 15th, 2009

Friday?s post shared a SafeSourcing employees novel idea on how to increase a retailers category sales

Friday?s post shared a SafeSourcing employees novel idea on how to increase a retailers category sales, promote energy efficiency and increase reverse auction revenue for SafeSourcing all at the same time. I like these kinds of ideas. I think they?re called win-win-win. Please read on to view a great extension to this idea.

Friday?s category focus was on light bulbs. The specific product we discussed was compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFL?s. Today?s extension to that product is motion sensors.

As discussed during Fridays post, compact fluorescent light bulbs or (CFL?s) will save about $30 over its lifetime according to energy star and will pay for it in about 6 months. It uses 75 percent less energy and lasts about 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

Today?s product motion sensors can also be provided to a retailers employee in the same way that CFL?s were, as part of a program focused on energy consumption reduction. As an extension to the CFL program, energy sensors can be placed in an associates low traffic areas of their home such as spare rooms, basements and garages. When someone enters that area, the motion detector will turn on the lights which are already CFL?s, thus adding to the savings opportunity. When leaving the area, the light will also turn off after a certain period of time. Motion sensors could also be used outside of the home in security areas to eliminate having to remember to turn them on and off each day increasing safety in the home

The same program used to promote associates use of CFL?s can be used for motion sensors.

1. Retailer promotes a program that offers all associates an opportunity to buy motion sensors for their home. The employee can also receive their employee discount.
2. The motion sensors have to be purchased at the retailers store within a specified period.
3. The retailer offers to reimburse associates for the entire purchase.
4. The retailer holds a reverse auction for the sensors in order to reduce costs and make up for margin loss.
5. The sensors and the CFL?s can be sourced during the same reverse auction.

A creative retailer might also figure out a way to package these products for a marketing campaign to consumers that supports their CSR initiatives and would provide for great PR.

Please see Fridays post for additional benefits.

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