An earnings season re-post. Here are twenty reasons why all retailers should use e-negotiation tools beginning immediately.

July 24th, 2009

This post was first published on 7/28/2008. I re-post it about every 3 months because for retailers the message is timely

Sometimes the detail gets lost in translation, so for those of you that are following on a daily basis here is a simple list. These are certainly not all of the benefits that a retailer can drive from the use of e-negotiation tools, but it is certainly a good starting point. If you call or email us we will give you another 20 the same day.

Since this is not Late Night with David Letterman, our list is not ranked in order of importance although many might argue that during the present earnings reporting period that not much is more important than improved earnings. Ask your shareholders and other stakeholders what they think?

1. Guaranteed to improve net earnings
2. Guaranteed to improve safety
3. Guaranteed to improve Corporate Social Responsibility.
4. Guaranteed new sources of supply
5. Retail has less spend assigned than any other industry
6. Streamlines the procurement process
7. Holds suppliers accountable to your standards.
8. Improves quality
9. Coast avoidance in a volatile market
10. Creates a competitive environment
11. Drives reliable market pricing
12. Maintains a reliable history for future comparison
13. Educates suppliers as to how retailers wish to procure products
14. Supplier training eliminates questions
15. Improved and consistent product specifications
16. Improved negotiation.
17. Improve carbon footprint
18. Simple award of business process
19. Frees up time for other tasks
20. Works for procurement of all product categories

This author is not sure why a derivative of this list could not become the mission statement for any procurement department.

As always, we look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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