Artificial turf settlement makes a case for product safety.

August 17th, 2009

If you watch golf

If you watch golf, go to football games, soccer games, play miniature golf, play tennis or even just go to the park on the weekend to walk your pet the use of artificial turf contuse to grow.

There are any numbers of companies that sell artificial turf and there are many businesses and consumers that buy it. In Arizona, we see it a lot on backyard putting greens and in some cases back yards period made from the product. At this authors home we never installed any in as our best friend Riley told us it got to hot for him to sit on and was not fun to do other things on as well. So we went for the real deal. As an environmentally conscious consumer and citizen, we probably use a lot more water as a result which is a real problem in Arizona.

Relative to those communities, school districts and other organizations that purchase these types of product, there was an interesting article in the Los Angeles Times on August 15th by Marc Fisher titled ?AstroTurf will get the lead out?. This author has posted on this subject before and would encourage you to read the article which went on to say that the manufacturer settled an environmental lawsuit with the State of California over lead used to keep the artificial turf green. AstroTurf and other turf-makers insist their product is safe in California.

Please remember that due diligence is required in the sourcing of all products. Accurate product specifications are just the starting point. Ask you solutions provider if they can assist you in developing these specifications or if they have any on file that you can review.

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