The sourcing of eco friendly products is not that difficult.

August 26th, 2009

If a Golf Tournament sponsored by a retailer can go green

If a Golf Tournament sponsored by a retailer can go green, then certainly retailers themselves can follow the same process.

I was reading our local newspaper The Arizona Republic today when I came across an interesting article titled golf event goes green.

In the article it mentioned that the tournament has partnered with a third party called EcoAid to make the tournament more eco friendly. Together the companies will source the following products and services at a minimum.

1. Solar Generators
2. Soy based inks
3. Carbon neutral transportation services
4. Recycled paper for tickets
5. Products made from recycled materials
a. Cutlery
b. Plates
c. Napkins
6. Organic Dry Cleaning Services

The logical question is where would EcoAid find a list of suppliers for all of these products that are also held accountable to the same standards they support? The SafeSourceIt? Global Supplier Database is the best source for that search.

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