SafeSourcing CEO Ron Southard quoted in California Apparel News

September 3rd, 2009

The August 14th-20th edition of California Apparel News quotes SafeSourcing CEO in the Supply Chain section in an article titled ?Supply-Chain Blogs Help Navigate Tricky Problems? by Senior Editor Deborah Belgum.

Social responsibility and the environment

Another blogger on the supply-chain front is Ron Southard, who started SafeSourcing
last year. It?s a company based in Scottsdale, Ariz., geared for retailers who need
help in procuring merchandise and want supply-chain advice, focusing on environmental
and social-responsibility practices as well as other issues.

Southard said there has been an increased focus on supply-chain management because
of the added profit it can generate for businesses if they take cost-effective steps and
use the chain wisely. ?It is a well-known fact that the supply-chain section hasn?t been the most highly respected profession in retail.

Operations, loss prevention and marketing have always gotten more attention,? Southard said. ?If you are going to have an impact on your profitability, this is certainly an area that should get attention.?

The company?s blog, published Mondays to Fridays, discusses a number of topics, from how to improve your corporate social responsibility to handling the logistics of shipping products and dealing with U.S.Customs? 10 + 2 rule.

SafeSourcing has a database with 300,000 suppliers that support the retail community. The company?s Web site, at, also has its own Wiki, named after the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. It defines terms commonly used in the supply chain industry.

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