Here are a few additional thoughts on sourcing high quality safe and traceable frozen and canned seafood.

September 9th, 2009

Yesterday we discussed traceability when sourcing frozen and canned seafood. Here are some additional thoughts on other considerations to support safety for your consumers.

Yesterday we learned a little about the Marine Stewardship Council, but failed to mention their Gold Star for Sea Food logo which indicates that the product meets their certification standard. Please visit their website in order to learn more about earning their certification.

A few other focal points that will let your consumers no you are thinking about them during the sourcing process are as follows.

1. Country of origin labeling: This can be found on the bottom of the can normally on the reverse side. This let?s you know where the seafood was caught and harvested. As an example, the United States label would say caught in the United States and be followed by a picture of the U.S.A Flag.

2. Method of Catch: A type of indication you might find on the back of the label below the product description would say something like Pole/Troll hand line caught.

3. Dolphin and Turtle Safe: This indication tells the buyer and the consumer that the catch method used had minimal harm to other sea animals. Long lines which can snare other sea animals are not used.

The SafeSourceIt? Global Retail Supplier Database supports traceability beyond one forward one back and our best practices hold all suppliers accountable to this standard.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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