How is the quality of your e-procurement service?

September 15th, 2009

Today?s guest post is from one of our account managers David Wenig. A company?s best advertisement is from its customers and associates.

If you?re using an e-procurement service or if you are thinking about using one, you need to think about an important factor; what kind of service will I receive? At SafeSourcing, there is a significant focus placed on getting your RFQ event from specification to run in less than two weeks. In this timeframe, there will be no cut corners. All participating suppliers will receive training, any RFI?s required will be collected, and final event approval will be secured and the event run within the two week timeframe.

Think about the benefit of efficiently running your events. If you are looking to reduce your costs quickly, you will find success. If you are nearing the end date of an existing contract and want price compression before renewal, we can run your event. In the SafeSourcing customer service department, we know that time is of the essence.

But efficiency by itself is not enough. Companies should also expect their e-procurement service provider to provide a personal touch and be willing to take the time to work directly with you to plan for and to run your events. Your SafeSourcing team will be there from the start to help find categories and products that will benefit from e-negotiation. From there, we will work directly with you to develop an action plan to reduce your spend quickly. ?One retailer recently said to me; you are just more detail oriented than others?.

These are just a couple of examples of what companies should expect from their e-procurement provider. You owe it to yourself to research the providers and to know what to look for. For additional free e-procurement information please visit our SafeSourcing Wiki and our SafeSourcing Blog archives.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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