I was browsing the internet the other day and came across a list of product recalls.

March 3rd, 2010

When you first look at this list you might think it covers all recalls for last year. That would after all be a good guess. What if I told you that it included only those products recalled for the month of February this year?

I did not include the names of the retailers, suppliers or other specific data which is formidable. The call to action is that these products impact our children, friends, family, pets, and environment as well as just about everyone we come in contact with. So who is dropping the ball, manufacturers, buyers or maybe even consumers? This author will leave that for each of you to decide but one thing is sure we need to do a better job.

Ask your solution provider how they can help you and if they could trace the origin of any of these products issues.

1.?Children’s toys sold at gift and specialty stores nationwide.
2.?Wind chime toys
3.?Toy guns.
4.?Children’s toy jewelry
5.?Children’s necklaces
6.?Knight Hawk toy helicopters
7.?Greeting cards with bracelets sold at card stores and other retailers
8.?Discovery Kids lamps
9.?Umbrella strollers
10.?Drop-side cribs
11.?CYBEX strollers
12.?Maxi-Cosi Mico infant child restraint systems
13.?Dorel? child restraint systems
14.?Evenflo First Choice infant child restraint systems
15.?Mia Moda infant child restraints and bases
16.?Glass water bottles
17.?Rechargeable batteries
18.?Candle lighters
19.?Children’s clothing
20.?Hooded nylon jackets
21.?Hooded sweatshirts
22.?Granola bars
23.?Frozen chicken pot pie
24.?24 oz. Party Platter Cookies
25.?Red Darla cheese
26.?16 oz. Spinach Vinaigrette
27.?Whole Schmaltz Herring
28.?Jumbo Shells with Cheese
29.?Instant noodle products
30.?Dry Apricot food treats
31.?Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Diet for dogs and cats
32.?Beef and veal products
33.?Frozen turkey patty products
34.?Ready-to-eat sausage products
35.?Frozen cured pork patty mix
36.?Pork barbecue products
37.?Fresh boneless beef products
38.?Ready-to-eat (RTE) varieties of Italian
39.?Various tire manufactures have issued recalls on certain tire types.
40.?Automobile Recalls

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