If I save and you save shouldn’t we all save?

April 12th, 2010

Reverse auctions and other e-negotiation tools provide a unique opportunity to share in the supplier-buyer-consumer relationship that far outweighs any participants negative ranting as to why they offer no long term value.

Historically this author has heard the buzz phrase that this is a” win win situation” far too often because far to little thought is put in to what it should really mean. As such when I do hear it, it makes me want to puke. What we should be doing is focusing on win-win-win relationship in the supplier-buyer-consumer supply chain model.

E-negotiation tools offer benefits to both suppliers and hosting retail companies which should also provide a benefit to consumers if the retailer and supplier are savvy enough to figure it out. Some but not all to consider follow.

1. Suppliers have an opportunity to bid on business they might otherwise not know about.
2. Forces retailers to formalize their specifications for further use.
3. Retailers are exposed to far more sources of supply than they were previously aware of.
4. Focuses the buyer-seller relationship on a fair trade approach to conducting business
5. The best total solution based on more than just price generally rises to the top.
6. Focuses both suppliers and buyers on reducing their net landed costs for products and services.
7. Unbundles costs to reveal and eliminate hidden costs that provide little or no value
8. Creates a competitive and balanced marketplace.
9. Offers a lesson that in cost cutting those suppliers should use with their raw material suppliers.
10. Collectively provides an opportunity for improved margins and earnings
11. Provides a tool to offer products to consumers that are of better quality, safer and at a lower price.

If this is not win-win-win, someone is not paying attention. Even though I still don’t like the buzz word.

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