How do you keep your contracts and suppliers green?

May 28th, 2010

Most companies when selecting a contract management solution fail to consider how their contract template library can help to support their Corporate Social Responsibility goals or CSR.

The primary way of doing this is to insure that all of your contracts support (GPP) or green product procurement. This practice should apply to all contracts regardless as to whether they are for a product or a service.

Green Product Procurement places its focus on the items below as a condition of the contract or a condition of doing business with the host company. This process applies to both products and services that a company provides to or for your company, and may also apply to their own companies endeavors to support the environment in their daily business practices as well.

1.?Products made from recycled content
2.?Biobased products and services
3.?Environmentally prefererable
4.?Energy efficiency
5.?Water efficiency
6.?Use of renewable energy sources
7.?Use of alternative fuels or vehicles
8.?Products do not include? Ozone- depleting substances (ODS)
9.?Lacking in priority chemicals
10.?Use of Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) for electronics.

Make sure your contract templates include environmental language that supports your companies programs and provide the safest products for your customers.

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