There is a real conundrum in retail today. How do we stop CONTRACT leakage?

June 9th, 2010

Who signed this agreement is always something we hear when we review retailers contracts during the discovery process. The next question we hear is who approved this and did they have the authority to do so in the first place.

A conundrum in it’s simples definition is a riddle or a question to an  intricate and difficult problem, so it’s know wonder with the above scenario that we have compliance and other related issues such as ever greening in  the retail industry that literally costs companies millions of dollars. The answer to the conundrum is that with little effort this problem can be avoided. And the way to avoid it is to use a contract management solution. Most retailers do not do so today.

We know that fortune one thousand companies many of which are retailers may have as many as 100,000 contracts. We also know that in the retail trade less than 15% of companies have contract management solutions. We also know that companies that do use contract management solutions have compliance ratings significantly higher than companies that do not. It is a well known fact that these solutions can reduce administrative overhead by up to 30%. Those savings although significant from an ROI perspective pale in comparison to the loses associated with evergreen or auto renewal contracts  that include price increase language when written notice is not received as called out in the contract. Just imagine a bulk fuel contract for millions of gallons with a single basis point escalator above a current Platts, OPIS or Gulf coast index if the contract evergreens. Ouch.

The good news is that a contract management solution like SafeContract™ can solve this problem and provide a near instantaneous ROI. SafeContract™ is offered in the form of Software as a Service or SaaS which makes it much more affordable than an in-house solution. The good news is that the data is yours and you only use what you need.

Don’t wait any longer to reduce your administrative costs, manage discounts and rebates, make your auditors happy with improved compliance and eliminate ever greening.

Contact SafeSourcing™ today.

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