Contract Management 101. “Is what you thought you said what I think I heard?”

June 17th, 2010

The lack of use of contract management systems creates a huge risk for retailers and that is before you even begin to try and understand the foreign language used in these documents.

Contract Management 101 is as much a foreign language as Spanish 101. Beyond storage and understanding the Meta data that will mitigate your risk relative to contract leakage, understanding the terminology in your contracts and how they are organized is a daunting task.

There are many law dictionaries available in hard cover and over the internet that can help, but remember just having one does not make understanding these documents any easier. Here is a list of many of the most popular.

1. Anderson’s Dictionary of Law (1893)
2. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary 1856 Edition
3. Criminal Justice Today Glossary
4. Criminology Today Glossary
5. Criminal Law Glossary
6. Canadian Bankruptcy Glossary
7. Divorce Law Dictionary
8. Duhaime’s Law Dictionary
9. Everybody’s Legal Glossary
10. Glossary of Commercial Fraud
11. International Law Glossary
12. INS Glossary of Immigration and Naturalization Law
13. Law Glossary
14. Merriam-Webster’s Law Dictionary
15. Legal Lexicon’s Lyceum
16. Merriam-Webster’s Law Dictionary
17. Oxford Law Dictionary Top of Form

Certainly one could argue that some of these might be eliminated for business use, and this author would agree. However others might argue that separating from an unfavorable contract or supplier relationship  can be as difficult as a divorce so maybe we should leave that one on the list.

Be careful out there.

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