Retailers; if it’s green or safe label it as such. You might find some new customers.

July 21st, 2010

If retail companies want their consumers to understand their social consciousness it needs to be posted where their customers can find it, not hidden on a website.

I was reading a great article in yesterday’s USA TODAY titled Furniture to be greener, but pricier  by Jayne O’Donnell. What caught my attention was an insert in the article also by the same author titled Finding ‘green’ furniture can take some effort. The premise of the insert was that you need to go to company’s websites if you are going to find out what makes up the products they sell as items will not be labeled or the sales people won’t know the answers.

For this author, that is complete whooie or at least should be. If a company of any merit has a set of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, they tend to roll them out throughout their company to all employees as a differentiating service. This would certainly include everyone from the buyers who ask their trading partners these tough questions every day to the sales person that ends up selling the product.

However in a less than perfect world research is always helpful. If you do not post this information on your website, you should. If you do not have CSR initiatives, you should. If your sales people don’t know them by heart they should. At the end of the day your customers will have questions and they should.

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