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August 23rd, 2010

I met with a group of retailers last week and the question that never seems to go away is how we can ensure that we are successful with this process.

This author has republished this post in a variety of formats at least 8-10 times as the question never seems to go away when I meet with retailers and other companies interested in successful e-procurement implementation.

Here you go!

1. Executive sponsorship is mandatory.
2. This is required at the CEO and CFO level.
3. Get the entire buying organization together for a kickoff session.
4. Provide an over view of what you are going to do and the impact it can have on the company.
5. Use company financial models to reinforce result opportunities.
6. Discuss and agree on success criteria in advance.
7. Understand that every event will not be a homerun.
8. Singles and doubles score runs.
9. Create a fun environment such as a savings club
10. Consider prizes for the most creative use of auctions.
11. Use scorecards by department with percent of savings.
12. Discuss the meaning and importance of corporate aggregation.
13. Hand out event templates to gather existing product specifications.
14. Put a time requirement on data collection.
15. Don’t overlook any department, product or service.
16. Gather an accurate list of your present suppliers.
17. Work with your sourcing company to identify a top 100 list of events.
18. Calendar the events based on contract status.
19. Prioritize by dollar value, date and strategic value.
20. Conduct department level discovery meetings of 30 minutes to an hour.
21. Investigate existing contract language.
22. Look for auto renewal (evergreen) language roadblocks.
23. Determine alternate sources of supply with your sourcing company.
24. Develop an event rules and instruction template and post with each event.
25. Develop a clear terms and conditions template.

Although these steps are not all encompassing, they provide a format for getting started that offers the best opportunity for reduction in cost of goods, expenses and improvement in corporate earnings. Be sure to combine this with a business partner that knows your business.
We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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