The economists say the recession has been over for more than a year.

September 28th, 2010

Retailer’s supplier management processes may be their most important tool as the economy tries to recover.

Finding new sources of supply has always been an issue. It may even be more important if your current suppliers can not provide what you need because they were forced to down size during recent economic woes.

This author has posted on numerous occasions relative to the importance of a robust retail supply chain and how retail companies might manage their relationships with current and new sources of supply. A significant part of the process is to have alternative sources of supply that you can rely upon. During last years H1N1 flu outbreak, The SafeSourceIt™ supplier database was able to provide multiple sources of surgical mask suppliers to a customer that had not been able to find them elsewhere for resale in their stores. Although this particular issue was caused by panic buying, it is still a supply and demand problem. The question this begs is are your suppliers capable of supplying your needs as demand increases? Did they reduce staff during the downturn? Have they been able to ramp up since then? Have their suppliers? The message here is, don’t wait until a time of panic or increased prosperity to work and plan for spikes in the supply chain that may cause your customers pain.

The SafeSourceIt™ Retail Supplier Database contains over 380,000 vetted global suppliers that are certified in over 25 different areas.

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