Here are Eight (8) good reasons why Super Market Company’s should be doing more with e-procurement tools or getting new ones.

October 11th, 2010

We all know the supermarket industry is not a very profitable business, but the rate of improvement over the last 20 years is really not very good.

Let’s not event talk about the economy which should automatically make companies look at their procurement practices. Let’s not talk about adjustments or explanations as to final industry numbers like the food at home inflation rates. If you are a new CEO or for that matter if you still have your job, you should be looking at 2 things aggressively. The first is cost of goods and services and the 2nd is expenses.

Here are eight good reasons why.

1. Fiscal Year 2000/2001        Net Profit Percentage    1.25
2. Fiscal Year 2001/2002        Net Profit Percentage    1.36
3. Fiscal Year 2002/2003       Net Profit Percentage       .95   
4. Fiscal Year 2003/2004       Net Profit Percentage       .88
5. Fiscal Year 2004/2005       Net Profit Percentage     1.16
6. Fiscal Year 2005/2006       Net Profit Percentage     1.46
7. Fiscal Year 2006/2007      Net Profit Percentage     1.91
8. Fiscal Year 2007/2008      Net Profit Percentage     1.84

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