In other words is just more trade liberalization.

October 22nd, 2010

Yesterdays post discussed trade agreements as a result of comparative advantages that particular geographies such as the European Union (EU) or countries have that makes it more conducive to conducting business with them.

The agreements are really just a form of trade liberalization which is how these geographies or countries collaborate to the remove government incentives and restrictions from trade between themselves and other nations or groups of nations. Trade liberalization has always been open to much political debate because of its impact on local economies where jobs or lack of them impact the daily lives of its people.

A subject we are all familiar with that is a good example is that of jobs going overseas from the United States particularly in the area of manufacturing. That subject could be an entire book relative to the impact of World War II on creating breeding beds for new economies based on new technologies that ultimately caused our own manufacturing decline and the need for tariffs in the first place.

This all sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy, but I digress.

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