Rest area safety tips for all retail travelers that want to avoid being a victim.

November 22nd, 2010

Here's some useful information for those of you that have to travel during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday week.

I was reading today?s edition of USA TODAY and read the front page article titled Along Highways, signs of serial killings by Blake Morrison. The data was shocking to someone that travels a lot and also has family members that do so to make their living. Over the road travel is how most of our goods are shipped and is also a necessary part of how most suppliers representatives travel to call on our retailers and our retailers work with their stores.?

As such I am posting tips by AAA titled Avoid being a victim.

AAA offers these tips for motorists concerned about their safety at rest areas and truck stops:

??Avoid being the only person at a rest area.
??Park in well-lit spaces near the facilities.
??If you see someone suspicious, wait until the person has left or drive to another location.
??Keep your keys in your hands as you walk to your car. That way, you can quickly enter and lock your car.
??If you’re approached by someone seeking help or information while you’re in your car, keep the doors locked and crack your window to talk with them. Offer to call help for them, but do not get out of your car.
??If someone confronts or grabs you, react loudly and fight back. Make a scene.

Be SAFE out there.

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