The holidays are a great time to refocus your companies green sourcing efforts

December 23rd, 2010

When companies focus on supporting a Green Supply Chain the measurement of their success is pretty simple. People, profit and planet or Triple Bottom Line.

What does it mean to go Green?  And we do not mean Grinch Green. I was rereading an Aberdeen white paper Building a Green Supply Chain from last year and believe they may in a concise format have the best glossary of definitions as to the meaning of and impact on what it means to be Green. Their short but effective green glossary defines the following terms.

1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) posits that companies have a responsibility to be social and environmental stewards and that having a positive impact on society and the planet is as important as profit.
2. Green refers to practices, processes and products that have a minimal impact on the health of the ecosystem. The emphasis is on non hazardous recyclable, reusable, and energy efficient products and processes.
3. Sustainability ensures the ability to meet present needs and profits, today, without compromising the ability to meet them tomorrow.
4. Triple Bottom Line (TBL) determines that business has positive impacts on the three P’s: people, profit and planet and is a standard framework for CSR agendas.

It might be interesting to ask your CEO if he or she agree with these definitions. Many probably do. The next question would be are you as a company measuring any of them and their impact on your companies performance. The answers would be a good indicator of  your company’s commitment to being Green and not just caught up in green wash and web slogans.

We look forward to and appreciate you comments.

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