IT Sourcing and the Relationship Between Hardware and Software

February 22nd, 2011

Today?s post is by Mark Davis; Vice President of Operations and CTO at SafeSourcing. Mark asks " What came first? The Software or the Hardware"?

We live in a world that is moving so technologically fast that it is difficult to be an expert on everything that is happening.? Because many of us have businesses and responsibilities that have nothing to do with all of this emerging technology, we rely on 3rd parties such as consultants and sometimes our own vendors to help make decisions that relate to these areas.

One of the places that I consistently see businesses make mistakes on when they take direction from an outside source is to buy the hardware they need to go with the software they purchased from the software vendor.? While it can be cost-effective in some cases, generally if a software company is selling hardware they don?t manufacture, you are either paying too much for it now, or you will down the road when it comes time to upgrade or repair that hardware.

Many times vendors will claim that a company must get the hardware from them because it was made specifically for them.? Frequently this is just not the case, and when it turns out to be the case, it is probably time to evaluate the vendor/company you are using for that software.

I ran across a blog the other day that actually dealt with this very topic.? In the blog the author was discussing how important it was for the customer that they select software that is completely independent of the hardware used in it.? It also went on to detail that the best software will integrate with several types of hardware giving the customer the choice to select the products that fit them the best when it comes to features, functionality and price. As the consumers you have the power to demand these types of options, make sure you select vendors that will give them to you. Blog

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