Collaborative Procurement: No Need to Wait to Buy

March 1st, 2011

Today’s post is by Mark Davis; Vice President of Operations and CTO at SafeSourcing. Mark writes about the advantages of collaborative events, buying now rather than waiting for a bigger spend.

Collaborative purchasing and co-op enterprises are concepts that are not new to the business world. 

For decades manufacturers, retailers and consumers have organized associations that allow their members to take advantage of lower pricing than they could normally get on their own due to the increase in the overall purchase amounts made by the collective group.

While this is a great advantage for smaller businesses and retailers, many companies think this is the only way to take advantage of this type of spend. 
Many businesses think that the amount of inventory they want to purchase is just too small to think about purchasing like this and so they wait for a period of time until they think they can justify the amount, all the while losing out on money they could have saved on the product they are currently purchasing.

Luckily for these companies, neither of these situations has to be true for them.   We are conducting regularly scheduled collaborative events, weekly, and are just waiting for these companies to join.  As with any collaborative spend, the more participants involved the better the savings will be and the bigger the opportunity for the suppliers involved.

We are routinely saving customers 10-20% on spends they had previously thought were too small for any type of reverse auction due to the fact we were able to include them in one of these collaborative events.

Call a SafeSourcing Customer Service representative today to see if any of your upcoming spends have associated collaborative events scheduled for the month of March.

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