A significant storm hit retail procurement years ago?

March 16th, 2011

And not all retail companies have weathered it well. I’m sure many of you can name some of them because they are not with us any longer. Others will follow!

The reason you are reading this paragraph at all is that bad news and weather sell. Bad news about the weather sells better. We see it at the grocery, convenience or drug store checkouts every time we make a purchase. How often do the news channels lead in with Good Samaritan stories? Everyone wants to follow the bad news. Men in particular like to follow news of bad weather. My wife says I can tell you the temperature and elevation at any time of the day as well of the impact of one on the other.

So what do you do in case of a storm? What is your information source?

From a procurement perspective we have had a nor’easter circling for years. And that is the worst kind of storm because it just keeps hitting you over and over again. This storm and it’s based on a lack of easily accessible information, we can be faced with any of the following on any given day.

1. Natural Disasters
2. The loss of a source of supply
3. Damaged goods
4. Product recalls
5. Product safety issues
6. Food borne illness issues
7. Environmental impact issues
8. Poor product specifications
9. Lack of adequate information when we need it
10. No way to openly collaborate with other procurement professionals
11. Transferred or promoted resources that leave a procurement brain drain

The question is how do you deal with this? There are a variety of portals, search engines and websites that may or may not contain what you are looking for.

What’s your answer? Where do you turn when it’s time to take shelter? Let’s hope it’s not just any port (al) in a storm.

Check back tomorrow and we’ll provide a preparedness kit for your use.

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