What can you do to lower your risk from BPA?

March 31st, 2011

As many of our followers know, we have posted regularly about the risks associated with BPA and other products that put consumers and the companies that sell them end use products at risk.

I was reading USA TODAY this morning and there was an article by Wendy Koch titled Study: Eating fresh food lowers BPA in systems. The article actually addresses BPA and DEHP and the impact that a fresh diet has on their levels within a person system.

Although I love my vegetables, I’m not sure I can move to a completely fresh diet, but the Silent Spring Institute that conducted the study does offer the following six steps that individuals can take to limit their risk.

1. Fresh is best
2. Eat in
3. Store it safe
4. Don’t microwave in plastic
5. Brew the old-fashioned way
6. Take action

For more detail on each of these items, visit the following Silent Springs link.

We look forward to and appreciate your opinions.

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