A cold cut or a burnt at the steak. This sounds more like a Knight’s tale than a food safety initiative.

May 6th, 2011

Here’s some crazyness on food safety that follows our “What are we learning about food safety” post and “What is the financial impact of food-borne illnesses” of the last two days

There was an article in today’s MONEY section of USA TODAY by Elizabeth Weise titled “CDC: Over 50? Heat those cold cuts to 165º”. The sub title indicated the Goal is to cut the risk of listeria bacteria. Without getting into the article which contains some great educaional content, these are the recommendations of the CDC and have been for some time.

This author used to love fried bologna sandwiches with yellow mustard as a kid and when I lived in St. Louis I would buy a hot salami sandwich from a deli on The Hill. However, I ate them on the spot. Have you ever friend bologna and then put it in a sandwich to take to work or have your child take to school. Does the word hockey puck or shoe leather or jerky mean anything to you?

The idea behind a cold cut is that it is cold. How about figuring out a way to eliminate the risk of Listeria in cold cuts instead of changing the way the product has been used since its inception.  In yesterdays post “What is the financial impact of food-borne illnesses”   Listeria was one of the top 10 pathogens that collectively cost us $8B a year.

When I used to visit New York City on business, I loved to eat at Katz’s Deli and still do and will continue to. Above the counter hung a sign that read “Send a salami to your boy in the army” I was told this was from World War II but is still done today. I guess they are going to have to add something to the sign now that says cook before shipping so this can be used as a baseball bat.

Come On. Let’s figure out how to fix the problem without ruining the product.

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