Troubling Study on Traffic Emissions!

May 27th, 2011

Although this is not a direct procurement issue, there certainly is an indirect relationship as we consider how companies purchasing organizations can assist in helping to reduce emissions through fleet and fuel purchases.

With the number of tractor trailers required to support our economy, emissions control is becoming a significant issue and socially conscious companies face increasing pressure as to how they plan on or are helping to reduce emissions as part to of their overall carbon footprint reduction.

I was reading an article in USA TODAY ?on page 3A of the May 26th 2011 edition By Larry Copeland titled Traffic emissions blamed in 2,200 deaths. The article sited a study by The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis that states congestion in the USA?s 83 largest urban areas last year led to more than 2,200 deaths and a related public health cost of $18B. WOW!

There certainly is a lot to think about here.

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