Are all of your construction projects GREEN?

January 5th, 2012

If not, they should be and you are probably losing an opportunity for significant long term cost reductions if they are not.

We have held many construction events for numbers of companies, and I have to tell you that the primary driving factor for most of these projects has not been a green focus. Unfortunately it may not even have been a focus at all if we did not bring it up to them.

We understand that finding construction companies that are not struggling or at least are suffering compressed revenue during these tough economic times may be a challenge. We understand that getting projects completed on time is important. With that said, if a company has any environmental focus on nay project, then all of their projects should be environmentally focused. That’s right, ALL not SOME.

You don’t need to look far in order to get examples of the long term savings associated with green focused construction. In this mornings issue of USA TODAY there was a great article titled Habitat keeps an eye on energy by Anne Paine and Bob Smietana. In the article one new Habitat for Humanity resident claimed that their highest electric bill was eighty dollars during a hot summer and that at their previous residence the lowest was two hundred dollars. It does not take a math major to figure out that this represents a 60% savings. I’m sue if folks were offered a small pay raise or a 60% reduction in their utility bills they would pick the latter.

Companies can benefit from these types of savings as well.

If you want to learn more about sourcing construction projects or energy reduction cost opportunities please contact a SafeSourcing representative.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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