Part I of II. How are you managing your procurement talent pool?

January 9th, 2012

Do you know the difference between A, B and C players?

If you don’t, and all you have is C players, all you will ever have is C players! Well at least as long as you are in your current position which won’t be for long if that is the case.

I was reading our local newspaper this morning as I do every morning and just happened to look at the job postings in a nice tool called Career Builder  which is an insert. I though I might browse around and find a supply chain job listing or a procurement related listing or something related to the most important function within most companies (and, most if not all companies don’t realize it). That job would be procurement. Actually there are quite a few jobs in this category, but suffice none jumped of the page during my quick browse.

Once I realized that this would not be easy and know that I have several customers looking to fill procurement positions for which I have provided some guidelines, I thought about how companies go about managing that talent once they find them. Or better yet how company’s can make sure they were the right kind of talent in the first place. A resume or CV or work related reference does not provide that information. Neither does an industry related degree. These are all excellent indicators but from a purely scientific approach they do not insure that you are hiring talent that can advance within your specific talent pool.

I am very fond of one particular type of talent management called TOP GRADING. If you check back tomorrow we’ll discuss some of the secrets of that process that will help you find and manage talent in and out of your business in order to achieve a mix that will support you achieving your procurement business plan

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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