USDA to close 259 Domestic Offices!

January 11th, 2012

What impact will this have on food safety?

On page 3 section A of the January 10th edition of USA TODAY there was a news post titled USDA cutbacks to reach 46 states and further mentioned that this inluded?259 offices, labs and other facilities. These comments were? attributed to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

What impact will these cuts have on Food Safety only time will tell? But certainly the jobs added to address food safety are certainly not safe.

The USDA focus on food safety and at a minimum drives efforts focused on Food Handling, Food Recalls, Food Irradiation, Foodborne Illnesses, through a number of Food Safety Resources. At the beginning of our current presidents last term, he committed to focusing on the safe food issue. Now that he needs to get re-elected maybe not so much.

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