Part I of II. Sustainable Packaging is an Attractive Option for More Companies.

January 31st, 2012

Companies are learning that packaging doesn’t have to be environmentally destructive.

Today’s post is by Ryan Melowic Director of Customer Services at SafeSourcing.

More and more companies are discovering that a growing segment of their customers are interested in environmental issues and would prefer to buy from companies that take global environmental threats seriously. This has caused a new generation of graphic designers and company designers to re-envision packaging design.

Companies are learning that packaging doesn’t have to be environmentally destructive. There are various techniques and methodologies that companies can employ to create sustainable packaging. More packaging companies are starting to realize that it’s worth the effort to build their packaging based on ecologically sound principles. Of course, not every company is deciding to apply ecological principles because they feel morally compelled. Some companies are simply under more pressure to create packaging because of government organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency.

New developments in sustainable packaging are pushing the idea of environmental responsibility combined with packaging to the forefront. Some environmental companies are working on new technologies to make environmentally responsible packaging the norm. For example, the company Ecovatice, recently began to create packaging made from materials that come from agricultural byproducts. It isn’t just Ecovatice that is using the power of agriculture to bring eco-friendly packaging to the world. Another company called NatureWorks LLC is working on generating plant-based plastics. Sustainable plastics are derived from plants and would have a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact a representative at SafeSourcing and we can provide more information on a solution and an approach to a cost effective process for sustainable packaging.

Check back tomorrow to learn more about Sustainable Packaging in Part II

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